Katie + Greg

Katie + Greg | The Ballroom at Park Lane | Cleveland, Ohio

KATIE + GREG’S wedding on May 4th was a spectacular honor to be a part of as their wedding photographer. The theme of the day could have been summed up as an “Elegant Surprise”. It’s fair to say that many months went into the wedding planning with all of its wonderful details. One in particular was near and dear to the bride’s heart. KATIE wanted to have a grand experience with her bridal party, and the Wedding Moms, all getting ready in the private suite on site at The Ballroom at Park Lane. The group of ladies wore matching black leggings and floral kimonos, each embroidered with their first initial, as they were pampered to hair and makeup. 

Groom GREG, held court with his party of gentlemen, including his brother and father, playing pool and transposing his wedding vows from his phone into his specialized book of vows. A few dollars changed hands over billiards and an expensive bottle of bourbon that was chugged from the bottle at times. The gentleman’s wedding party also included customized Cleveland Indian’s jerseys with each members' last name and numbers that, when lined up correctly, displayed the special wedding date, 5-4-20-18 (May 4, 2018).

KATIE + GREG’S wedding day had many details that shown through the images themselves. From the impeccably dressed groom to the flowing gown KATIE embodied, their wedding party also couldn’t have looked any better than they did. The wedding service, officiated by family friend Beth, included true moments of emotion that will last a lifetime. Immediately following the service, was a special visit by Mr. & Mrs Alpaca outside the hall to the complete delight of KATIE as a wedding-day surprise from GREG. When asked “why alpacas?”, the bride and groom couldn’t have been happier with their soft furry guests, so why not? Festivities abounded with cocktails, dinner, speeches, and cake; and the dance floor was abound with partygoers until last call.

Wedding day coverage started at 9 a.m. capturing the special moments of KATIE + GREG’S day. What made this day special for me was the opportunity to photography my niece’s wedding. It was a real honor and pleasure to spend the day following KATIE + GREG around as their wedding day photographer. While baby sitting KATIE in the summer of 1992, I totted her along with me as I bought my first camera at our local Kmart. Getting an opportunity to photograph a loved one’s wedding is extra special because it’s a chance to witness firsthand the events of the day. May KATIE + GREG'S wedding photos remind them forever about this day.